K4 Black & White Photo Lab

Our Mission

We are a public workshop. Everyone can drop in and start working after a short introduction or training.

We are non-commercial.

We offer black and white film processing and printing only.


Opening Times

Usually we are open on three evenings a week, Wednesday to Friday from 5.30 pm till 9.30 pm. Since we are volunteers with regular jobs, there may be changes to this. You will be informed via email if you have registered for the newsletter..

During school holidays we may be closed. If in doubt, please ask us via email.

Current situation is that we move to the Peuntgasse 7, so we are closed temporarily.

About Us

It's a lab which is publicly funded. We are part of the Kunst- und Kulturquartier NĂ¼rnberg.

It's run by a bunch of enthusiasts: Tanja, Laila, Manfred, Patrick, Oliver and Stefan.

One of us supervises the workshop, we give you an introduction or some advice if needed.

Who can attend?

Everyone who is interested in handling film, paper and chemicals.

What to bring

You just bring an exposed black and white film or some b&w negatives. Of course you could bring a pinhole camera, too, loaded with exposed paper which we will take and and develop in the darkroom.

Our enlargers can handle 35 mm and 120 film up to 4x5 inch film. However, enlargers for the bigger formats are in high demand - please be prepared to work with 35mm when the bigger enlargers are already in use.


Regular visitors pay 4 Euro (3 Euro for students) for a whole evening, this includes the paper chemicals and the use of the equipment - of course, our tuition is included as well.

One 35mm film development costs 1.50 Euro, a 120 film will be 3.00 Euro for each film.

If you don't bring your own paper, you usually can buy RC paper in different sizes from us.


Either you just drop in personally during the opening hours or you write an email to fotolab-k4(at)gmx(dot)de. We try to take care of your request within 2 days.

If you register for the email list, you will be informed if we have to close for some days or if we have to change the opening times.

Postal address: Kulturzentrum K4, Fotolabor, Peuntgasse 7, 90402 Nürnberg